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About the band...

Originally from Montreal, Canada, U-Phonik relocated to Charlotte, NC in 2001. Playing a mix of alternative rock covers and originals, U-Phonik has established itself as one of the regions best acts. U-Phonik's original music has been featured in movies and television shows as well as received regular air play on various radio stations in the US and Canada. They have consistently been chosen for regional compilation CDs. The band has performed at some of the areas top festivals as well as performing on the "Rock Boat" and at Austin TX's South by Southwest festival. U-Phonik currently performs more than 100 shows a year in the Southeast.

Band Members...

Stephan Angers: Lead Vocals & Guitar, Mike Salvatore: Drums & Vocals, Rick Pope: Bass & Vocals, Jeff Vogel: Lead Guitar & Vocals

U-Phonik @

Dan's work on NC Educational Lottery commercial

Hot Sake was asked by Edit at Joe's and Trone Advertising to create custom scoring and sound design for this extremely cool animation for NC Education Lottery.

Video for the song Mary

Mary has become a fan favorite and is one U-Phonik's most requested original songs.

Thanks Womack for all the work on this video!

Video for the song Plastic Fanatic

Thanks again to Womack for all the work on this video!

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